Year-Round Play

Hours: 6:00 AM – 11:00 PM


Active WSRC members are welcome to reserve the tennis courts free of charge at any time throughout the year. Please know you are responsible for assuring all trash and debris are placed neatly in the trash prior to leaving. The WSRC Board reserves the right to deny a reservation for any member who does not adhere to these rules.

To reserve a tennis court:

Go to:

Tennis courts may be reserved for a maximum of one (1) hour for the backboard, two (2) hours for singles and three (3) hours for doubles.

Tennis Court Features

  • 4 Hard True Courts

  • Lights for evening play

  • Teams (all levels)

  • Player benches

  • Viewing gazeboes

Tennis Rules

WSRC Tennis Director

Lori Sweeney ‭+1 (770) 355-6414‬

The Weatherstone Swim & Racquet Club (WSRC) tennis courts are for the exclusive use of all active (and in good standing) Club Members and their guests.

To provide a pleasant tennis experience for all Club Members, the following guidelines have been adopted:


The tennis courts are open year round, however, Atlanta Lawn Tennis Associations (ALTA) womens and mens tennis teams have priority over use of Courts 1 & 2 during ALTA seasons.


Glass is not allowed within the fenced area. No wheeled vehicles of any kind are permitted inside the fenced area. This includes, but is not limited to, roller blades, skates, bicycles, motorcycles, skateboards, scooters, children’s ride on toys, wagons, and strollers. Club Members are responsible for ensuring the security of tennis court gates and the tennis hut door.


Please assist in keeping the area clean and free of debris such as cigarette butts, cans and paper products.


White soled tennis shoes are required on the tennis courts. Black soles mark and damage the playing surface.


Parking is prohibited along Willow Glenn Drive. Please park in spaces provided in the WSRC parking lot near Holt Road. Lawn maintenance is expensive so please assist us in keeping the area maintained by using designated parking areas.


Tennis court related injuries will be immediately reported to the WSRC Tennis Court Director. (Of course if someone is seriously injured call 911, but please also have an email sent to the tennis director and WSRC board at: – Please include “Accident-Tennis” in the subject line)


Guests of Club Members are welcome. At least one Member must be present on the tennis courts when a guest is playing. Weatherstone residents who are not WSRC Club Members in good standing may not use the tennis courts.


The overhead lights can be utilized at the discretion of any player. The last player remaining on the courts is responsible for turning off the lights before exiting the tennis gate.


WSRC will not be responsible for the loss or damage of personal property. Items left in the tennis area will be stored in the tennis hut. Items left over thirty (30) days will be discarded.


Damage to the tennis courts, facilities, or property will be charged to the responsible Club Member.


Pets are not allowed within the fenced tennis courts.

Member Play

Tennis courts may be reserved for a maximum of one (1) hour for the backboard, two (2) hours for singles and three (3) hours for doubles.


  • All organized teams must be captained or coordinated by a current WSRC member in good standing. The WSRC member captain or coordinator of that team will be responsible for reserving court time for all practices and matches and paying the team non-member fees.

  • A team captain or coordinator wishing to form a new team must obtain permission from the WSRC Board of Directors and the team must adhere to the WSRC Tennis Rules for Team Play.

  • All WSRC tennis teams must have at least 4 active and in good standing WSRC Members on their roster, one of which must be the team captain or team coordinator.

  • The tennis team captain or team coordinator must solicit all possible WSRC Member players first before adding non-member players to the roster as to allow WSRC Members an opportunity to be considered for the team. At least 30 days prior to the submission deadline of a roster to ALTA, USTA, or other team tennis governing body, the tennis team captain or team coordinator must send notice to including the proposed team level, date of matches, date of practices, and phone or email contact information for the team captain or team coordinator. The WSRC board will communicate to membership to publicize the opportunity to join the team. Communications channels may include, but are not limited to, email and social media.

  • Prior to the start of any league play, lessons, and practices, the team coordinator must submit the team roster and all non-member player fees to the WSRC Board of Directors/Tennis Director. Make checks payable to “WSRC”.

  • Each non-member player listed on a WSRC-based team roster is required to pay $30 fee per league, per season, per team. Terms are defined as follows: “League” is defined as ALTA, T2, USTA, League, Ultimate, etc.; “Season” is defined as spring, summer, fall or winter; “Team” is defined as Sat Men’s, Sun Women’s, Mixed Doubles, etc.).

  • Failure to pay all of the non-member fees for the team will result in suspension of the team from further play until paid in full. An exception of this rule will be granted for the inclusion of a “ghost player” placed on a team roster for the exclusive purpose of bringing the team to full strength. In this case, no fee will be due for the “ghost player” unless and until that player participates on the ALTA team (whether in practice and/or games). The WSRC member team captain/coordinator cannot be a “ghost” player.

  • Teams may reserve up to 3 courts for match play with the 4th court being left available for walk-up member play.

  • A court is considered available if the player(s) do not show 10 minutes after their reserved time.

  • After any team activity, the courts, and facilities must be returned to their original condition including replacement of lawn chairs, disposal of trash, turning off lights, and securing all gates/doors. Failure to do so, could result in nominal fines or if excessive, suspension of play. (Please help keep our facilities clean and secure)

  • Weatherstone residents who are not WSRC Members are NOT ALLOWED to use WSRC tennis courts or participate on a WSRC-based tennis team.

  • Non-member team players may use the WSRC courts only for organized team lessons, practices, and matches or as the guest of a WSRC member if a WSRC member is present.

  • In the event that a member fails to comply with WSRC League/Season/Team Play rules, the WSRC board will address the issue with action deemed necessary, which may include imposing fines, limiting ability to reserve courts, or prohibiting the member from serving as a team captain or coordinator for team play on WSRC courts.

Social Function Play

Club Members wishing to utilize more than one (1) court for social functions may do so by (first) obtaining approval of the WSRC Tennis Court Director and paying $25 per court for a maximum of four (4) hours usage. WSRC reserves the right to discontinue this practice at any time. The Club Member is responsible for returning the area to a clean, debris-free condition, and transporting all trash from the court recepticles and placing all waste in the appropriate trash containers near the tennis hut building.


Please direct all comments to the WSRC Tennis Court Director who will confer with the Board of Directors for resolution.


Rules and guidelines are provided by the WSRC Tennis Court Director on behalf of the WSRC Board of Directors and are subject to change.

Thank you on behalf of all our Club Members for your efforts in making the use of our Club an enjoyable experience for all. If you have any comments on improving the quality of our Club, please bring them to our attention and we will pass your comments along to the WSRC Board for consideration.