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Guidelines for Special Events at the Pool or Pavilion

Below are the contractual details for any special events at the WSRC pool or pavilion.  Please review the rules and contact Sears Pool Management Consultants to arrange for additional lifeguards for your pool party as well as letting the WSRC Board know.

During regular operating hours, all private pool parties with twelve (12) or more attendees must be submitted to SPMC (on SPMC’s party request form) and cleared with SPMC management at least 7 days prior to the date of the party. Parties with fifteen (15) or more attendees may require an extra guard to be booked, depending on the judgment of SPMC management. This will depend on the day of the party (weekday, weekend, holiday). Pool parties with eleven (11) or fewer guests do not need to be cleared by SPMC management, but we prefer that Club Members give us advance notice of at least 4 days. After hours pool parties are permitted once SPMC receives notice of Client’s approval, and if there is sufficient lighting (determined by SPMC management) in the pool area.

If it is determined that an additional guard will be necessary, lifeguards will be staffed, one (1) for every twenty-five (25) individuals. The Club Member will pay SPMC twenty-five ($25.00) dollars per hour for each additional lifeguard necessary, with a minimum fifty ($50.00) dollars per event. Payment must be received by SPMC at least one day prior to the party date. Client may elect to be invoiced for parties, and handle party fees privately with the Club Members.

An additional lifeguard will be required for all parties where alcohol is served. During all private parties, all children eight (8) and under must be supervised by an adult. Teenage and college age parties must have at least one adult chaperone for each 15 people at the party. Parties that leave a large mess may be subject to penalty charge to cover extra clean-up time.

Club Member may cancel a party with 24-hour notice and receive a full refund. Parties cancelled with less than 24- hour notice will receive a 50% refund. If Club Member wishes to cancel, reschedule or postpone the party, Club Member must contact SPMC at least two hours in advance of the original party time. There will be no additional charge to cancel (with full refund), reschedule or postpone a party due to inclement weather with a two-hour notice.

Any unscheduled parties with 15 or more attendees will be subject to a charge of $200. If emergency staffing is available and SPMC staffs an unscheduled party at the last minute, the rate shall be $50/hr per guard. If emergency staffing is not available, SPMC reserves the right to close Pool or cancel party, if the party poses a safety risk. Charges will be billed to Client. Client is responsible for collecting charges from Club Member for breach of party policy.