Pool Opens Saturday, May 23

We are excited to announce the pool will open Saturday, May 23! The WSRC Board, which consists of member volunteers, has worked extremely hard to provide you with beautiful and safe facilities to enjoy. This year has been particularly challenging with the projects we had in progress and the impact of COVID-19. The Board has devoted significant personal time around jobs and families to bring you a new deck space where the old pavilion had been, a new larger covered area near the baby pool, two resurfaced tennis courts, as well as implementing the many operating requirements due to COVID-19.

Please be aware that the pool gate entry system will be changed soon. If you had pool access last year with a fingerprint or fob, you can enter the pool gate as usual for now. If you did not have access last year (no fingerprint on file or new member) or lost your fob, you will need to ask someone to open the gate for you temporarily. Once the new system is activated, all paid members will receive key cards that will replace fingerprints and fobs. Two key cards will be issued to each family.

Please read the additional rules for this summer in response to COVID-19

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